The CBC M1ND Body Soul Program is what I feel like I have been working towards providing for my whole career to date! I am beyond excited to begin on Monday 5th September 2022. It will be run through a private App which you will be able to download to your phone so no social media required! 

What the course will involve: 

I will be LIVE with you every morning at 7AM with the aim of helping you get into a regular morning routine that begins with doing something for you as a priority FIRST thing in the morning: 

Monday 7am LIVE - 30 minute class
Tuesday 7am LIVE - Breathwork, meditation & intention setting for the day
Wednesday 7am LIVE - 30 minute class
Thursday 7am LIVE - Breathwork, meditation & intention setting for the day
Friday 7am LIVE - 30 minute class

Recordings of all of these sessions will be posted to the App in case you cannot make the live times.

WEEKLY CONTENT will be uploaded to the App on the following:
1. MIND 
2. BODY and 
3. SOUL topics.

My vision for this program is to bring together everything I have learned & experienced over many years both studying & gaining hands on experience to bring to you THE MOST comprehensive program out there to help clients make REAL TRANSFORMATIONS both inside and out. I have been investing in myself massively over the past couple of years to be in a position to bring this to you and I'm am 100% ready to bring it to you now.


1. There will be a GROUP COACHING OPTION available which will be most suitable to those who would like to better understand themselves and those around them on a deeper level and truly improve their health & wellbeing inside and out. There will be many lightbulb moments along the way through the content I will be uploading over the weeks and I will be engaging with you within the App along the way. It will be for those who want to engage with the LIVES at 7am each morning to help you set up a solid morning routine of doing something for YOU first in your day and not last (and therefore sometimes not at all!). You will also have the option of regular email check ins with me (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your preference) to track progress. This option will be limited to 10 spots and will be €99 per month. You can secure one of these spaces with €50 deposit by sending me a DM today.

2. My ONE TO ONE option I feel will be the most transformative as it will involve working together closely on a one to one basis to achieve your goals. You will have access to all of the above PLUS 2 x Zoom Coaching Calls per month (so every second week) with me. This option is ideal for anyone who: 

  • May be feeling stuck in their lives, unconnected to what they really want from life, unhappy with where they are currently but unsure how to change their circumstances. 

  • Those who find themselves repeating the same pattern throughout their lives without knowing why it is happening or how to break it so it stops repeating

  • Those who struggle to put themselves first, feel like this is a selfish thing to do and unworthy of their own time and effort

  • Those who feel like some unresolved trauma from their childhood, teenage years or adult lives is holding them back from fully enjoying life 

  • Those who can never relax, who busy themselves all day every day leaving themselves overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out and want to change


For those who choose the ONE TO ONE option I have 5 spots available. It will be a big energy investment on both sides and I want to be comfortable with how much time and energy I will have to give to each client. This option will be €199 per month and you can secure one of the 5 spots available with a €50.00 deposit by sending me a DM today.  As you have read above, there will be LIVE classes for those who wish to do these, however, these are not a requirement on this program. You can choose to exercise and move your body however you wish to do that. On the days where there is a LIVE Class you may prefer to go for a walk/run/swim/whatever it may be at that time and that is absolutely fine. You can even post a pic/video of what you are up to into the App each day to help you stay accountable and motivated. If you do wish to do the classes you will need one set of dumbbells and a kettlebell. If you are unsure about weights needed I can guide you on this. My classes are suitable for all fitness levels and I always offer adaptations to make things easier (for beginners) or harder (for more experienced).

If you would like to secure one of the above limited spots please send me an email to asap and I will send you details on how to pay the deposit. I would ask anyone who does sign up to be willing to make a minimum 12 week commitment to this program in order to feel and see real changes. For many I hope that you will be enjoying the program so much that you choose to stay on and continue to work together into the new year. 


Clara O'Connor

 Clara is a M1ND, Body & Soul Coach

NCEF Fitness Instructor, EIQ Certified Nutritionist, IUKL Kettlebell Coach, and Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Instructor. Clara has 15 years experience working in the industry in both Cork and Wexford. She is a Professional European & Amateur World Kettlebell Sport Champion. Clara's passion is helping clients to care for themselves mind, body and soul through her CoachedbyClara online services. 

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